SUNKON (CGTECH) Glass edging machine working principle and installation requirements


working principle

Glass edging machine mainly through grinding motor and grinding wheel to achieve the grinding and polishing of glass, ordinary unilateral / bilateral edging machine can achieve coarse grinding, grinding, polishing time to complete. Customers can choose according to their processing requirements of different grinding wheel.


Installation requirements

Glass edging machine installation needs to ensure that the ground level, after installation to ensure that the machine at all levels, otherwise it will affect the processing effect. Ensure that the power is correct, such as special industrial voltage abroad 415V / 50HZ, 220V / 50HZ, 220 / 60HZ, if the power is wrong, it may cause the motor on the edging machine or the electrical appliances in the electrical cabinet to burn (in some countries, Leakage protection switch). Glass edging machine is working under the condition of water flow and power supply. The customer should judge whether the water quantity of the floor tank supplied by the factory is sufficient according to the processing volume of his own.

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