SUNKON (CGTECH) Glass Machinery Co.,Ltd Can provide you a high accuracy equipment to process any kind of flat glass grinding as


SUNKON (CGTECH) Glass Machinery Co.,Ltd Can provide you a high accuracy equipment to process any kind of flat glass grinding as you want.

Smart Windows, No More Curtains

When you install the glass windows for your bedroom, you probabaly face a difficult choice of the installation of ordinary transparent glass or colored glass. Ordinary transparent glass can let indoor light abundantly and sunny, but it also makes your live in the privacy exposed glance; Colored glass although can bring you enough privacy space, but it has a opaque defects. You can’t have it both ways,people often no compromise but to choose compromise-Hand a heavy curtains in the back of the window.

As always, Adjusting to transparent state to keep daylighting; In free state to keep sense of security, you can adjust the glass to opaque state,also can reach the sun that serves a two-fold purpose.

From the initial rare wear jewelry to expensive royal tribute and finally to normal live of appliances, glass value went through several fluctuates,but it has been with humans gone through thousands of years long the new century, it shining again in our lives,a variety of “smart glass” appears to make it become the focus of attention again .”Smart glass”Embody the people’s desire for more convenient life, extending the human’s infinite wisdom and extraordinary talent.

Dimmable glass is composed a liquid crystal file in the middle of two glass, after high temperature and high pressure glueing to form a new speical photoelectic glass product. The liquid crystal file display the glass in fog color (ogaque)when in power off state, and in transparent state when stay in power on make the dimmable glass mix the features of ordinary glass and electric control curtain.

Dimmable glass windows using as convenient as electric control curtain. It uses on the doors and windows of architecture building, not only with functions of transform freely between light and transmittance, but also save place, eliminating the trouble of setting curtina and space. It main using in hotel, luxury hotels, villas, hospitals ,banks ,office partitions, metting glass curtain walls, commercial windows, technology houses, commercial buildings, ticket offices, exhibition halls, factories, laboratories, clear roon doors and windows or partitions.

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