Three kinds of commonly used glass edging machine precautions

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1. Linear milling machine when using the precautions:

Straight line edging machine work is through the front and rear plate clamping glass and drive its linear motion grinding, use must pay attention to two points:

① Before and after the pressure plate and the guide rail joint surface to regular lubrication, otherwise it will be due to pre-and post plate and rail face premature wear and affect the normal life of the machine. Although some models have automatic lubrication device, but also often check whether the smooth lubrication pipeline;

② clamp the glass clamping force when the size should be appropriate, too loose affect the grinding quality, too tight will make the machine load increases, easy to produce jitter crawling phenomenon, when the thin glass is also easy to break broken glass. The size of the clamping force can be slightly larger glass clip on the machine for testing, that is: the glass clip in the middle of the machine, the hands shut down hard plate glass, feel the clamping force just right when moving is appropriate.

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2, special-shaped edging machine when used matters needing attention:

① contour machine sucker table height is consistent with a greater impact on the grinding effect. Assembly assembly of the five groups of sucker have been self-grinding, and the thickness of the selection of the same sucker plastic so that the height of the sucker consistent, so do not disassemble the sucker under normal circumstances. If the suction cup is damaged, you have to choose the same thickness to replace.

② shaped machine vacuum pump in use for some time, due to water and other reasons there will be a decrease in vacuum (ie suction decreased) phenomenon, so pay attention to check and troubleshooting, otherwise, the machine in the case of insufficient suction, on the one hand will affect the grinding Cutting quality, on the other hand is also prone to accidents.

3, bilateral milling machine when using the precautions:

① bilateral milling machine is a higher grade edging machine, the best fixed two to three operation, to ensure that the operation is correct.

② bilateral grinding procedures error or failure, it is best to send the original manufacturer sent the maintenance and debugging, under normal circumstances do not disassemble, so as not to mess up the program caused the shutdown.

Post time: Dec-31-2020