China’s glass edging machine development is still inadequate

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With the development of daily glass products industry, the glass factory will gradually develop into a group production mode and form a scale production capacity. The production lines of 10 or more sets of double drip bottle making machines with electronic timing control will face a large market demand . Some domestic large-scale glass factory with capacity of more than 100,000 tons and glass group companies, such as Guangdong, Shanghai, Qingdao and other glass equipment used in most of the ten sets of double drop machine production lines, all imported from abroad. According to the preliminary forecasts of the relevant agencies, the annual domestic demand for 10 sets of machines and more than 10 sets of bottling lines will increase greatly. Bottle glass products have great prospects for development, so daily glass machinery industry development prospects are larger. Therefore, daily glass machinery enterprises should be based on the needs of the market to develop goals and development strategies, innovative products, create their own brand, so as to survive and open the market

Today, the glass bottles in the international market are widely used. They are widely used as packing bottles for the industries and departments such as food, beverage, medicine, daily chemical, culture, education and scientific research, and are indispensable packaging containers. However, compared with the international consumption per capita bottle, there is still a big gap in our country, even if the total output reached 13.2 million tons in 2010, there is still a certain distance from the international consumption level.

Post time: Dec-31-2020