Main Performance Of The Glass Beveling Machine


The glass beveling machine is suitable for grinding the bevel edge and the bottom edge of the plate glass, and the rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing of the bevel edge and bottom edge can be completed once; the direct grinding motor is used. There are two control modes of digital display and PLC for selection. It can be processed the min. minimum of 25mm×25mm. It has the advantages of advanced structure, high precision and convenient operation. It is a special machine for grinding small pieces of glass, as well as big size of glass.

The machine is mainly used to process the straight bevel and the round bottom of the flat glass. The grinding head adopts Shanghai famous brand motor with high precision and low energy consumption. The main drive adopts stepless speed reducer for adjustment and synchronous belt conveying. The rear chain plate is made of forged thick steel plate and subjected to special heat treatment. The front and rear guide rails are super wear-resistant. Made of materials and strict processing technology, it reduces the friction between the plate and the platen, which effectively enhances the service life of the chain plate and the insert, and can meet the requirements for long-term use even without lubrication. There are also various lifting beam beveling machines, including front beam lifting and rear beam lifting.

Article by: Glass beveling machine SUNKON Glass Machinery Co., Ltd (CGTECH). 

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