Glass milling machine how to clean up the powder


Glass edging machines grind the corners of the glass into powder to make the glass more smooth, however, these splashed powders are adsorbed onto the glass edging machines on a daily basis. Therefore, after the end of every day work, should be adsorbed on the glass edging machine to remove the glass powder reasonably.

Glass milling machine processing for a long time, will make the clip shaft, chuck and milling chamber attached to the inner wall cutting dust, if not removed in time, will scratch the lens, but also make the clip shaft seal wear lead to head into the water, Wash directly with a brush and water spray container. Enter the machine cleaning mode cleaning. This method also can clean the internal water supply pipelines.

Clear, be sure to follow the operating standards, safe and reasonable operation. And because the glass edging machine is turning work every day, because of its lubrication and maintenance is also the top priority. Always protect the lubrication of the mechanical shaft so that the glass edger can work more smoothly. This will not only increase the working efficiency of the glass edging machine. But also can increase the production of enterprises. And because your routine maintenance properly, you can let glass edging machine life is extended enough. Indirectly saving the cost of the enterprise. Clean the edging room.

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